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Hair Fall Treatment Center

Hair loss or Hair fall in medical terms is called as alopecia or baldness. It occurs both in men and woman but it is more in men. There are different reasons for the occurrence of it like diseases, improper hair care etc. The symptoms of Hair fall are a loss of hair in patches that are usually in round or circular patterns, and also the occurrence of dandruff, lesions on skin and scarring, thinning of hair.

If hair fall is caused due to infection or a condition, treating that infection/condition may prevent further hair loss, and in most of the cases, hair regrowth will occur.

Finasteride - Is one of its kind pill that works by preventing the hormone testosterone converting to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The DTH hormone is the main cause for hair follicles to shrink. It effectively brings back normal hair. If the medication is stopped the balding process will resume again. Side effects are uncommon.

Minoxidil - Is a lotion. That a person who has hair loss should rub it on the scalp on a daily basis. Most of the people who apply it experience hair regrowth if applying the lotion is stopped the balding process will resume. Side effects are uncommon.

Mesotherapy -Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment for baldness. This treatment is given to the people facing hair fall problem. It is very helpful in hair regrowth and another advantage of it is delaying male pattern baldness. In mesotherapy by using some specialized cocktail, the scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which improves circulation of blood in that area. Better circulation allows follicles of hair to get required nourishment and inversely it helps in improvement of hair regrowth.

In mesotherapy, treatment for hair fall is likely to be done by using injection gun. This makes mesotherapy treatment for hair loss faster as well as potentially less painful. Over time, the mesotherapy solution will neutralize the DHT hormone, causing hair to grow again.

Mesotherapy is simply not called the alternative treatment for baldness the reason for it is mesotherapy potentially eliminates the need for hair transplant surgery.

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