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Face Lifting

Non-Surgical Face lifting

Face lifting is also referred to as the no surgery alternative for thread lifting. Face lifting or feather lift is less invasive or nonsurgical option where the sutures are used to facelift. The threads or sutures that are used for face lifting is made from the material that is used in surgeries to close wounds or cuts.

This treatment is for the people who seek minor changes or improvement to treat sagging or loose skin and laxity in eyes, forehead and other areas. Face lifting can be done to Eye Brows, cheeks, nasal flare, lips, and necklines jaws and etc.

Face Lifting is also referred as one of the Best anti-aging technique that lifts and realigns sagging tissues.

Face Face lifting instantly adds volume and gives definition to the jaw line, Cheeks etc.

Face Lifting helps in lifting eyebrows and stimulates collagen which gives young and tight skin.

Procedure followed:

  • Face lifting is done under topical numbing agents it is a lunch time procedure.
  • Age limit 20yrs to 70yrs.
  • Done by expert doctors.

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